It never ceases to both depress and astound me when I see quite how many conference talks, articles, books and
As if to prove the point about procrastination and failing to do stuff outside class that I made in my
Pronunciation is quite possibly the most neglected area of language teaching. In many of the classes I’ve observed over the
The world used to be so tidy. Back in the misty morning of my youth, I seriously did naively believe
Two years ago now, I set up a Facebook group called ENGLISH QUESTIONS ANSWERED. In a sense, it was a
In the early years of my career, like many others in my profession, I suffered from an insatiable hunger for
Many moons ago, I used to work in the EFL department of a university here in London. Among my colleagues
To say that the CTEFLA that was my gateway into the world of English Language Teaching encouraged me to be
When I was in my mid-20s living in Jakarta and trying to learn Indonesian, I reached a point where I
In recent years, we've seen much made of the idea of the ‘flipped’ classroom. In ELT terms, this often involves