Making choices about vocabulary: teaching what’s relevant to most students, responding to individuals In our last post, we looked at
Just enough grammar and a spiral syllabus In our last post on teaching beginner-level students, we stated this principle: While
If that’s what it’s not, what is it? My post about the Beginner syllabus and short answers with auxiliaries has
Like many of you, my first encounter with Michael Lewis came via his seminal 1993 book The Lexical Approach: The
One of the curiosities of the dominant grammar syllabus at low levels is that certain 'higher-level' grammar does occasionally creep
It is curious how grammar is sometimes divided up. For example, while most teachers nowadays are quite happy to section
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It’s been quite a while since we last published a post in this particular series. Writing both a Beginner-level book
In the first post on tackling the taboo that surrounds using any form of translation in the language classroom, I
As a native speaker teacher working in a multi-lingual teaching context in the UK, I am perhaps an unlikely convert