I feel it best to warn you in advance that this is a post that could potentially spiral wildly out
As I’m sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my induction into English Language Teaching via a four-week CELTA at Westminster College (and,
They say that learning a foreign language is a good way of avoiding dementia in later life, but with learning
There are plenty of things that you generally don’t learn on a four-week CELTA course: how bizarre many of the
In much the same way as I once found it inconceivable that I’d ever suffer the indignity of reaching the
In my last post, I described two basic routes to learning language as a means of communication. At this point,
As you may have noticed, we recently wrote a Beginner’s book and I have written a series of posts exploring
One of the more innovative add-ons that accompanies the OUTCOMES series of General English coursebooks we wrote for National Geographic
Pronunciation:  Really? Do I have to? While the bulk of Beginner coursebooks on the market are pretty uniform when it
One of the side-effects of being a coursebook writer and teacher with a relatively high social media profile is that