To say that the CTEFLA that was my gateway into the world of English Language Teaching encouraged me to be
When I was in my mid-20s living in Jakarta and trying to learn Indonesian, I reached a point where I
In recent years, we've seen much made of the idea of the ‘flipped’ classroom. In ELT terms, this often involves
Let's face it, over the years, we've probably all asked plenty of questions in class that we later look back
One of the more ridiculous notions instilled in me on my month-long CELTA course taken back in the early 1990s
I feel it best to warn you in advance that this is a post that could potentially spiral wildly out
As I’m sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my induction into English Language Teaching via a four-week CELTA at Westminster College (and,
They say that learning a foreign language is a good way of avoiding dementia in later life, but with learning
There are plenty of things that you generally don’t learn on a four-week CELTA course: how bizarre many of the
In much the same way as I once found it inconceivable that I’d ever suffer the indignity of reaching the