Lexical Lab offer regular webinars presented both by our co-founders, Hugh and Andrew, as well as by guest speakers. All our webinars are delivered via Zoom and include time for Q&As at the end.

Here’s what we have coming up this autumn.

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Friday 18th September
(17:00 London time)
Chris Roland: Making your online primary teaching productive.

In this session, we shall be looking at how the principles of face-to-face Young Learners teaching map across to an online context. We will spend time thinking about online classroom management, enjoyable activities for children and above all, solid language learning principles.

Suitable for new teachers and seasoned veterans alike.

The examples and ideas will be suitable for lower, middle and upper primary aged students.

Thursday 1st October
(17:00 London time)
Andrew Walkley: Language Education in the UK

While the UK may have historically have been a centre for the English Language Teaching industry and publishing, language teaching in its state school system is a complete disaster, producing painfully low attainment levels. In this talk, we’ll be taking a look at what’s led to this sorry affair and along the way, maybe learning some lessons that are relevant for anyone involved in language teaching. 

Tuesday 20th October
(17:00 London time)
Hugh Dellar: Teaching speaking online

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what needs to happen if students are to get better at speaking – and how teachers working online can facilitate this. We’ll explore the importance of a conversation-driven approach when it comes to designing classes, how to build prediction into your planning, the crucial role that modelling can play, how and when to give feedback, and one way we can build recycling and repetition into our speaking classes. 

Saturday 31st October
(10:00 London time)
Zeynep Ürkün: Taking testing and assessment online

Testing and assessment has always been a rather challenging aspect of language teaching. With the sudden global push to move language teaching to online platforms, student- and teacher-friendly means of online assessment have become a rather hot topic. This session will explore some practical ideas on online language assessment, as well as issues to watch out for. Come along and discuss creative ways of online language assessment that don’t sacrifice the validity and reliability of assessment components.

Thursday 12th November
(17:00 London time)
Andrew Walkley: Grammar nonsense – and how best to deal with it

They say there are lies, damn lies and statistics. Well, much the same could be said of grammar! This is a talk about the half-truths and the nonsense we say as teachers, print in our textbooks and get students to do – all in the name of grammar! We’ll be looking at some of the reasons behind this. We’ll also explore why changing the situation through publishing is going to be hard and consider ways in which individual teachers and materials writers can make a difference.

Tuesday 24th November
(17:00 London time)
Hugh Dellar: 1979 and all that: understanding the divisive legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Few outside the UK realise quite what a divisive figure the nation’s first female Prime Minister was. From the moment she came to power in 1979, she polarised public opinion with almost everything she said or did, and people either loved her or hated; there was no middle ground. In many ways, the changes that were put into place during her years in power laid the foundation for the next forty years. In this webinar, we’ll look at the some of the most momentous events of the Thatcher era – and consider her legacy.