Teacher development often gets stuck in theory or bombards you with tasks and ideas without any real framing of when and how to apply them. Rather than being empowered to create more value as a teacher, you can end up feeling that you’re failing and that the only solution is yet more tools, more prep, more work. Our teacher development is different! We provide short clear insights into how learning takes place, and the principles underlying current coursebooks and methodology, so you can understand better if and how you want to change your teaching. Our ideas for adapting and producing material are guided by these clear principles of language and learning and show how you can really add value. We also guarantee that the tasks and technique we present are:

  • low tech and low resource
  • repeatable in many different lessons
  • adaptable to all course material
  • focused on students and their ability to communicate
  • aimed at keeping workload down and increasing your value

You can do our courses as self-study over a year, or follow the same content in interactive zoom sessions over 4 weeks. All our online teacher development courses have free lessons you can try out, so why not have a look now.

Self-study Courses

Teaching languages at low levels

Zoom dates: Feb 2nd, 9th,16th, and 23rd (1pm)

In this course you’ll understand how a traditional grammar-led syllabus can fail to address the real problems for new learners of a foreign language. We’ll show you how an approach focused on enabling real communication can bring benefits in terms of more motivating lessons and overall outcomes.

I loved the course because not many people speak about beginners as people with a background and opinions. I watched everyday the videos after teaching beginner classes and felt that everything the teacher was saying made so much sense and was attainable. Most importantly: I couldn’t wait to try it out with my students the next day!

Maria Eva Golinelli

Great course for those who have never taught beginners or are simply feeling a bit rusty from not teaching the level for some time. Loved working with Andrew and a group of professional, dedicated colleagues.

Alexandra Calver

Alexandra Calv

Plan smarter and get the most from your coursebook

Zoom dates: March 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd (1pm)

Understand how coursebooks are organised and how they relate to the way students learn languages, so that you can plan your lessons smartly and add real value to the material.

I’m really pleased with it. Sometimes I go back to it and try to recall things. One thing I found extremely helpful was affordances. I love it how I can just take a single glimpse at a sentence or word and add extra value. It works out quite well.

Hubert Komosa

Teaching Listening Better

Zoom dates: May 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th (1pm)

This course is designed to help you help your students listen – and hear – better. It gives you tricks, tools and techniques to take into your classroom and shows you how to get more out of the listening lessons in whatever coursebook you use.

What you get

  • 8-12 hours of core self-study tasks, video and written content.
  • Access to all materials for one year.
  • In-course discussion board to share your ideas and ask questions.
  • Additional links to content from Lexical Lab and external sites to extend your knowledge.
  • A free webinar from Lexical Lab in the next year (to be announced)
  • Exclusive quarterly online meet-ups with tutor and fellow participants
  • Access to our community Facebook site for all online courses
  • An automated electronic certificate of completion with the name of the course and the Lexical Lab logo *.
  • Discount on future courses on completion.

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