London summer school courses

We had been running run a series of short face-to-face courses as part of a six-week summer school in north London until we were hit by the Covid epidemic last year. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this year’s summer school due to the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus, and In particular around travel restrictions and quarantining. We plan to return with a basic programme in July 2022, but we will need time to see how things develop and to decide what courses we will be offering. Previously, we had a full cultural and social programme that allowed you to see hidden corners of London, understand more about the history and inner workings of the city and participate into daily life here. We will have to assess whether this will need to change too if social distancing remains an issue.

The summer school took place at London Metropolitan University’s Holloway Road campus just 10 minutes by tube to Covent Garden and the heart of London. And we provided very affordable accommodation at Wood Green Hall which is also just 10 minutes from the university by tube. Again, we hope to restart with both.

We should have more details by the start of September, but to get updates for all our activities, do sign up to our newsletter.

Feedback from previous students is here, if you’re interested.

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Details of previous courses.
Please note that these may either not run or the format may be changed in 2022.