Find your voice. Refine your English

Don’t waste your time on yet more grammar rules and silly games. Join our classes focused entirely on you and what you want to say. In our classes, you’ll share stories and experiences and take part in intelligent discussions and our teachers will help you find the exactly the right words for you.

Note that all times given here are LONDON TIMES and classes are only for students aged 18 or over.

What we offer

These one-hour English-language lessons on zoom focus on intelligent conversation and language development.

Every week, you will: –

  • get some homework to prepare ahead of your lesson
  • be able to discuss any language issues with our expert teachers
  • have the chance to discuss a range of interesting topics with different people
  • see how to better say what you were trying to say in educated, fluent spoken English
  • get a better sense of how vocabulary and grammar connect in natural ways
  • get a revision sheet to help you remember new language


Unless otherwise stated, our online classes are aimed at students who feel they are at B2 level or above.

Students on our Advanced classes will already be experienced language learners looking to boost their fluency and get better at dealing with the business of everyday life, and at discussing thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas and experiences. 

Because we work directly from what you say – and show you better ways of saying what you mean – we believe level is less important than in classes that follow a standard coursebook syllabus.

What we believe

We believe that all our classes should:

  • be language rich and should encourage students to notice language
  • allow for students to be a resource for language and teaching
  • give space for students to exchange ideas and express feelings
  • develop awareness of diversity
  • provide links to continued learning

Who we are

All our classes are delivered by highly experienced teachers who look at language in a lexical way and who are expert at turning student output into whole-class input. You’ll have two teachers during the course, who will teach alternate weeks, Meet the team:

Hugh Dellar

Hugh started teaching back in 1993 and has a CELTA, DELTA and MA TESOL. He’s the co-founder of Lexical Lab and co-author of the General English series, Outcomes and Innovations, as well as one level of the high-school series Perspectives. His first methodology book, Teaching Lexically, came out in 2016, and most recently, he has worked on two levels of the new Pearson General English series, Roadmap. When not teaching, Hugh loves cooking, reading about history and politics, buying and listening to old records, watching Arsenal Football Club, exploring hidden corners of London, and travelling.

Andrew Walkley

Andrew Is the other founder of Lexical Lab and the co-author of over twenty coursebooks, workbooks and teacher manuals (InnovationsOutcomesPerspectives and Roadmap), as well as the methodology book Teaching Lexically. Outside of class, he does sport (football and running) and enjoys long walks round London. He has an allotment where he grows fruit and vegetables and he also likes reading, film and the theatre.

Margot van der Doelen

Margot (CELTA/DELTA) has been teaching English since 1992.  She has a BA and MA in Japanese Language and Culture and taught in Japan for three years.  She has extensive experience as a teacher (University of Westminster, St Giles International), course designer, materials writer, and examiner (Ministry of Defense, Cambridge Assessment English, Kings College London).  In her spare time, she likes going for walks in the woods, reading historical novels, doing a bit of art and playing djembe in a drumming group.

Luis Pedreira

Luis has both the CELTA and DELTA. He started teaching English after gaining his CELTA from University of Westminster in 2004 – under the tutelage of Hugh and Andrew. Since then, he has taught English at numerous language schools in London and Spain, as well as at University of Westminster and BOSCO College, a charitable organisation that supports refugees in London. Presently, Luis is also working with Cambridge Assessment on the development of their online tool, Write & Improve. In his free time, Luis enjoys travelling and meeting new people, playing and watching football, watching TV series and films online … and keeping his twin nine-year-old boys entertained!