Have you been using Duolingo but feel the need to work on your spoken Spanish? Have you tried a Spanish class before, but been disappointed with your progress in communicating? Have you struggled with classes overly focused on learning grammar rules? Then what you need is a Lexical Lab Spanish class! Our weekly one-hour classes are focused entirely on genuine communication in Spanish where you will talk about yourself, your life and what’s happening in the world. We now have three levels which you can join at any time. If you don’t see a current start date or you´re unsure which class to join contact andrew@lexicallab.com.

A0-A2 Basic Spanish

In each class, we work on simple conversations and tasks to communicate with other people in Spanish. We use your actual experiences and opinions to teach you language to help you say what you want to say. We include lots of repetition and recycling of language to ensure you remember what you learnt. And you can join our WhatsApp group to can continue practising genuine communication beyond the class.

A2-B1 Say more and get by in Spanish

Maybe you know a bit of Spanish and want to extend conversations beyond basic question and answer like ¿De donde eres?, ¿A ti te gusta …?, ¿Que tal? ¿Has visto …? then join this class. As well as developing conversations with you in class, we will talk about other parts of life, and be able to comment in simple ways about films or news and other things happening in the world. We will send you some ideas before the class to prepare such as some questions, a bit of vocab, a dialogue to learn or a short text to read.

B1+ Discuss whatever you want in Spanish

Puede ser que ya tengas nivel y puedas defenderte en el español. Tal vez estudiabas en la escuela o vivias en un país extranjero en el pasado pero tienes el español oxidado. Pues también tenemos una clase para ti. Cada semana te enviaremos una selección de preguntas, debates y tareas sobre un tema. En casa podrás prepararte con la ayuda lingüística que te brindamos. Y luego en clase hablas con los demás alumnos mientras tu profesor escucha las conversaciones, toma notas y ayuda para dar feedback. Cada semana también recibirás algunos ejercicios para repasar el lenguaje que se ha presentado en clase.