Three years ago now, I was talked into setting up a Facebook group called ENGLISH QUESTIONS ANSWERED. It was designed
Generally speaking, I'm not one for complaining about people’s use of language, and certainly not those supposed transgressions of grammar
In this guest post, Patrick Gallagher outlines how he uses the WORD / CHUNK OF THE DAY sections of this
It never ceases to both depress and astound me when I see quite how many conference talks, articles, books and
As if to prove the point about procrastination and failing to do stuff outside class that I made in my
Those of you who follow my ongoing series of ONE-MINUTE ENGLISH videos on YouTube or Instagram may have noticed that
By the 18th of June 1984 – thirty-seven years ago today – miners in England had been on strike for
May has been a truly miserable month with the rain bucketing down day after day, the wind howling like it
I have to begin with a bit of a confession: I'm quite a nosy person! Sometimes I can probably be
Last month, I had to take my car in to the garage to get the annual MOT done. An MOT