I spent last Friday and Saturday in Bologna, Italy, where I was talking at an excellent conference for English-language teachers. In
One of the most depressing things about British politics right now – and trust me, there are plenty of things
The original idea for this blog post came one afternoon when my wife saw my response to an email we'd
A while back, I wrote a blog post about words and expressions that come from literature, but which have passed
In one of my recent classes, we were discussing the way in which the use of social media inside authoritarian
At a party last week I was introduced to a foreign businessman who was visiting London. We got talking and started chatting about what
I first went to Russia in December 1999 to visit a friend of mine who’d just taken a teaching job
Three years ago now, I was talked into setting up a Facebook group called ENGLISH QUESTIONS ANSWERED. It was designed
Generally speaking, I'm not one for complaining about people’s use of language, and certainly not those supposed transgressions of grammar
In this guest post, Patrick Gallagher outlines how he uses the WORD / CHUNK OF THE DAY sections of this