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Aug 31, 2017
Lexical Lab

Advanced language and culture

Week 1: July 5th – July 9th 2021
Week 2: July 12th – July 16th 2021
Week 3: July 19th – July 23rd 2021

21 hours a week (including visits)
15 classroom hours and 6 hours of visits (a minimum pf 3 per week)

1 week: £370*
2 weeks: £690*
3 weeks: £990*

Returning students receive a 10% discount.
Students paying before February 1st 2021 receive a 10% discount.
Groups receive a discount of 5% (2 people), 10% (3-5 people), 15% (6+).
Only one discount will apply. Discounts apply to course and registration fee, but do not apply to accommodation.

Advanced Language and Culture is aimed at teachers and language learners with a B2-C2 level of English. It will develop your confidence and familiarity with current issues, media representations, stereotypes, cultural and political figures and recent events in Britain. The focus is largely on contemporary culture, although there is also some historical content too. The course combines discussions, lectures, input from different media and visits within London based on the connected themes

The course runs over three weeks, but can also be taken for one or two weeks, should you prefer. Across each week, there will be 15 classroom hours and at least 6 hours of cultural tours, with a minimum of three visits.

Course content is divided by week. In addition, we will suggest additional topics to provide some flexibility, and we will provide a questionnaire for participants before they arrive so they can express preferences or make requests. We will try to incorporate these into the course where there is agreement between participants.

Week 1
Common UK cultural stereotypes
Regions and cities
Nostalgia and myths
Windrush and immigration
The law and crime
Sport and society
Royal family and influence

Week 2
Housing and regeneration
Health and the Health service
Drinking and drug culture
Youth issues
Food – people and influences

Week 3
Religion and multiculturalism
Gay culture and influence
Comedy and Stand-up
UK economy and business trends
Women in UK society
UK Media and Music
Politics and people
Art and UK history

After this course, you will:
● be more comfortable in your knowledge of contemporary UK culture
● be better able to deal with cultural references in conversation
● be better able to understand colloquial language
● go away with some material you can use in adult or university classes, should you wish to

What our students say:
“The course was perfect and it exceeded my expectations, though I’d participated in a few courses in the UK before. Our tutors took us to places we wouldn’t find ourselves. Their language and cultural competence is outstanding!”

“Lexical Lab offers courses which help teachers grow and develop their potential. The people from Lexical Lab provide teachers with a huge amount of knowledge, but at the same time they are open to new ideas and solutions from other professionals. They run their courses in a way that is flexible and they leave space for self-development and sharing experiences by providing a wide variety of after-class activities.”


* There is a registration fee of £80 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.


The end of a great course


Exploing Soho!


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