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Jun 25, 2017
Lexical Lab

Teaching Teens

July 19th – July 23rd 2021
17.5 classroom hours per week
6 hours per week social/cultural trips with your teacher (a minimum of three visits per week)

Returning students receive a 10% discount.
Students paying before February 1st 2021 receive a 10% discount.
Groups receive a discount of 5% (2 people), 10% (3-5 people), 15% (6+).
Only one discount will apply. Discounts apply to course and registration fee, but do not apply to accommodation.

This course has been designed and is delivered by Chris Roland, the author of UNDERSTANDING TEENAGERS IN THE ELT CLASSROOM. On the course, you will look at everything from planning lessons for teens right through to exams, reports and even talking to parents. Throughout the course, there will be a focus on breaking down what happens in your classrooms and managing them better in terms of dynamics, behaviour, productivity and learning. On the one hand, you’ll be looking at small adjustments to improve activities and on the other, you’ll explore a range of more adventurous innovations that take your practice forward and stretch you as developing professionals. Participants will walk away with an arsenal of techniques and strategies that puts your teaching of teenagers in a stronger, healthier and more rewarding place than before. Minimum language level of B2-C1.

After this course, you will:
● be able to plan classes and design activities more effectively
● be able to accommodate your own emotions during lessons
● be better able to understand your students
● be able to achieve a positive classroom dynamic
● have a wide range of new classroom management strategies
● be able to cope better with mixed ability classes
● be more confident about personalising tasks and giving students autonomy
● be able to increase the productivity of your teenage students
● be able to enjoy your own classes more, along with your teens


* There is a registration fee of £80 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.