A week or so ago, I gave a talk at a conference for English language teachers in Liestal, in the
One of the things that our students often comment on when they come to London is the fact that they
My preferred way of getting around London is by bike. I usually cycle in and out of town, and on
I had dinner round at a neighbour's place the other week. Our kids go to the same school, which is
R and R stands for rest and relaxation, rather than rock and roll. So if you are having a bit
As part of our Lexical Lab summer school, we offer a full and varied social and cultural programme, but most
As a coursebook writer, there’s one question about my work I dread more than all others. I’ll sometimes be at
If you've been following the series of blog posts I did about the World Cup, you'll know that I love
It's fair to say that it'd been quite a while since we had a classic World Cup final. In 2006,
And then there were four! So we've now had the quarter-finals of this year's World Cup, and we know who