If you're ill and go to the doctor’s, once the doctor has examined you and discussed your symptoms, they'll usually
Apologies for not having written one of these word / chunk of the day posts for quite some time. I've
I have just come back from Scotland, where I was giving the keynote talk at the City of Glasgow College’s
According to some recent research I read, the number of divorces in the UK last year was highest among men
After an Indian summer - a period of warm weather in autumn, a time when it's usually pretty cold -
Almost everyone who has learned English in class has probably had that lesson where you study second conditionals. In a
In a recent post on the word pogrom, we looked at language connected to the dark human tendency to blame
Recently, in a break from the norm, the Guardian newspaper here ran a whole series of features on the capital
A march is when a large group of people walk down the streets protesting against something – or in support
As anyone who has ever watched a loved one fight against it will know, cancer is a truly horrible disease.