Perspectives: a brand new high-school series!

For much of the last year, one of our main writing projects has been the Upper-Intermediate level of a forthcoming National Geographic Learning high school / secondary series called PERSPECTIVES. It’s based loosely around TED talks, with each unit containing one double-page spread based on a particular talk, and the rest of the unit then exploring other themes and sidetracks suggested by the talk. It’s being launched as a four-level British English and American English series and you can see more here:

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At a party last week I was introduced to a foreign businessman who was visiting London. We got talking and started chatting about what
Generally speaking, I'm not one for complaining about people’s use of language, and certainly not those supposed transgressions of grammar
Those of you who follow my ongoing series of ONE-MINUTE ENGLISH videos on YouTube or Instagram may have noticed that
By the 18th of June 1984 – thirty-seven years ago today – miners in England had been on strike for