London summer school courses

PIC: 931866585

We run a series of short face-to-face courses as part of our six-week summer school in north London every year. The Lexical Lab summer school features our most popular teacher and language development courses. We are accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider, which means we can issue invitation letters for students needing visas.

All our short courses take place at London Metropolitan University’s Holloway Road campus just 10 minutes by tube to Covent Garden and the heart of London. And we provide very affordable accommodation at Wood Green Hall which is also just 10 minutes from the university by tube.

In addition to the taught classroom hours, we are also proud of our great cultural and social programme that allows you to see hidden corners of London, understand more about the history and inner workings of the city and participate into daily life here.

All our courses are available for Erasmus+ funding and are listed on the School Education Gateway. Should you require it, we can provide a complete package of a course plus accommodation in Euros. Our PIC number is 931866585.

All the feedback from our 2017 students is here, if you’re interested. Click on the RESPONSES tab top right.


For full course details, an application form and full terms and conditions, please contact:

Our dates for 2018 are:

July 2nd-13th: Teaching Lexically / Advanced Language and Culture
July 16th-20th: Developing Materials
July 23rd-27th: Better Testing and Assessment
July 30th-August 10th: English Boost

See below for details of specific courses.