The first edition of Outcomes was published between January 2010 and June 2011. While it maintained some links with our first General English series Innovations, particularly in terms of its strong lexical input and focus on developing speaking, Outcomes is far more mainstream in its balance of skills and its largely traditional grammar syllabus.

Here are some videos outlining key aspects of the course.

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Intermediate word of the day: embrace
Embrace literally means to put your arms around someone, but in conversation we more often use the word hug –
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Word of the day: kinky
To use one of those understatements that we’re apparently so well known for, the English are not exactly famous for
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Intermediate word of the day: peak
If something peaks, it reaches its highest or best point, value or level of skill before then becoming worse, lower
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Phrase of the day: slap bang in the middle
Onomatopoeia is a strange thing. Officially, it’s the use of words that supposedly sound like the sounds they refer to.
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