Outcomes Second Edition

We have recently finished writing the fifth level of the second edition of Outcomes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.21.38

Writing a second edition has been a fantastic opportunity as it has enabled us to respond to ideas from users – and some of their complaints! Yes, let’s admit it, no book is perfect, and no writers have the ability to try out every single thing they write before their books are published, so things do go wrong. Sometimes things date a bit too. As writers who continue to teach, classroom experiences have also sometimes given us new ideas about conversations to teach and stories to tell. Finally,  there were also some things that the publisher wanted, which in this case was no bad thing as it has involved working with some incredible National Geographic resources.

So the new edition has all the great focus on genuine communication and thorough language work of the first edition with these enhancements:

  • Amazing Nat Geo photos to open each unit with tasks to generate ideas and language.
  • Scripted videos to support conversation practice and Nat Geo videos to bring world content and authentic language into the classroom.
  • More student and teacher friendly guided discovery and support for grammar
  • Enhanced online vocabulary builder with search facility, exercises, personalised word lists, self-testing tool and concordancer.
  • Integrated pron syllabus, with examples of fast and slow speech.
  • A dedicated website.

Check it all out here!


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