Innovations is a ground-breaking five-level General English series first published between 2000 and 2006.

Based on a language-rich, lexical / grammatical syllabus, Innovations starts from the kinds of natural conversations that learners want to have. It features more colloquial language than its successor Outcomes, is more firmly rooted in British English, and is more fundamentally geared towards improving students’ ability to speak and listen. Innovations was twice nominated for the British Council ELTON awards for innovation in materials design and retains a loyal following around the world.

Here are a couple of comments from contented users:

INNOVATIONS Upper-Intermediate

“This book is very suitable for foreign English learners at upper-intermediate level because there’re many idioms in it and you can always have chance to practise and revise them. Actually, I’ve used this series of books and I think I’ve made big progress, especially in speaking.”


“The best book I’ve ever had! This is a really useful book, which helped me before my IELTS. I recommend this book to anyboby who is in advanced level and willing to do the IELTS exam :-)”


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