Teaching Lexically in Orenburg, Russia

12th Oct - 13th Oct 2019 / Orenburg, Russia

Hugh will be running an intensive two-day course:

Day One:
Teacher Beliefs about language and learning
As someone once said, there’s nothing quite as practical as a good theory. Changes to our teaching practice often start with changes to our beliefs about how languages work – and how they are best learned. To kick off, we’ll; explore what you believe about these things, and why – and I’ll then talk through my own beliefs and will explain some of the rules of thumb they’ve led me to teach by.

Teaching Vocabulary
We’ll then be looking at how best to go through answers to vocabulary exercises, the problems with pre-teaching and why meaning is only a small part of the problem. We’ll explore how to explain, exemplify and expand. We’ll look at why some questions are better than others and we’ll consider how to help students shoulder the burden of memory.

After all of that, there’ll be a live Advanced-level language class based on the study and practice of some vocabulary.

Day Two
Teaching Grammar
In the first session today, we’ll look at how to avoid death by grammar lecture, why shorter is (sometimes) better, how to correct in a way that avoids digging holes, and what we do when going through grammar exercises. We’ll workshop ways we can go deeper into what we get in the grammar sections in our books and we’ll also be considering how teaching vocabulary better leads to better grammar outcomes too.

There will then be a live Advanced-level language class based on the study and practice of some grammar.

Teaching Listening
In this part of the day, we’ll be thinking about how hearing problems can make listening more difficult for learners – and explore different ways we can help students hear better. We look at how we can use the usual structure of a listening lesson in a way that focuses more on the actual language contained within the texts – and we explore the links between pronunciation and listening better.

To wrap up, there’ll be a live Advanced-level language class based on a listening.

For more information, click here – or email the organiser, Yuliya, directly: jsalikhoffa@gmail.com