Back in the groove . . . with a few changes to announce!

Hello everyone. Sadly, our very first Lexical Lab summer school has now ended and we’ve said goodbye to all those lovely people who took part; we've both had our holidays - a lovely time in Romania and Indonesia respectively, if you really want to know; the summer here is definitely turning to autumn and we are back at our computers. Boo hoo. But wait, this means we are also back to blogging. "Hoorah!" I hear you cry (maybe … very faintly in the distance. Just humour us here, OK!).

This year we have decided to do things a bit differently. To preserve our sanity and free time, we have decided we will only be doing two words of the day a week. We have also decided to make one of these more apprporiate to a lower Intermediate level, for use in class or for student self study. The Intermediate ones will be a bit more like the Exploring Frequent Words videos that we did a few years ago. The title will be a word which is of mid-range frequency (2 or 3 stars in the Macmillan dictionary / between the top 2000-5000 most frequent words). A short text will explain the word and then teach some connected language. This other language will be of similar frequency. There will then be a little section to test your students and for everyone to discuss what they have learnt. After that, there will then be another little text about something in the news or some other story that recycles some of the language. And finally a couple of further discussion questions for the class. You could do one or both of the texts in class or, if you copy and paste the posts to a word doc, (permission granted so long as you include our website address as the source), you could do them on separate days. You can see our first Intermediate word of the day post - on negotiations - here.

The other word or phrase of the day / week post will continue to be its usual self - more of an opportunity to be contemporary, rude, and to rant as well as a chance to enjoy the rich pickings of our language. You can read the most recent one here.

Finally, we will also be posting regular opinion pieces related to teaching. These will include our continued series on grammar nonsense and curiosities and on the coursebook debate.

You will also find some changes to our summer school pages. We hope they are now easier to navigate and for you to get the information you need from and finally, finally . . . keep an eye out for upcoming talks on our events page.

Our next summer school courses will run from July 3rd to August 11th 2018.

Find one that suits your needs.