English Boost

July 29th – August 9th 2019
22.5 hours a week (including visits)
16.5 classroom hours per week
6 hours of cultural tours with your teachers (a minimum of three visits)

Returning students receive a 10% discount.
Students paying before February 1st 2019 receive a 10% discount.
Groups receive a discount of 5% (2 people), 10% (3-5 people), and 15% (6+).
Only one discount will apply. Discounts apply to course and registration fee, but do not apply to accommodation.

Do you already speak English at a good level, but feel your language could still be better? Are you all-too aware of the vast array of spoken and written language still out there on the edge of your comfort zone? Do you want to push on towards Cambridge Proficiency level? If so, English Boost is for you. Designed for learners at B2-C1+ levels, this course runs over two weeks, but can also be taken for one, should you prefer. The core of the course is the 24 teaching hours per week, in addition to which we provide a range of tours and activities to keep you highly engaged and talking.

Our main aims in class are:

  • to boost your grasp of everyday spoken English
  • to help you get better at speaking about specific topics
  • to provide lots of engaging spoken and written texts for you to interact with
  • to turn your own output to further input.

Each course is unique because we offer you a list of topics to choose from before you arrive and work with you on the course to follow the group’s interests. We also select and use all our own material rather than placing you in a class with students following a coursebook. This means that you are sure to meet an abundance of vocabulary and grammar. And, of course, we teach the language you are trying to say – and make sure you revise and learn it.


* There is a registration fee of £80 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.


Turning student output into new input


Class walk along the Regent’s Canal