Teaching Primary

July 26th – July 30th 2021
17.5 classroom hours per week
6 hours per week social/cultural trips with your teacher (a minimum of three visits per week)

Returning students receive a 10% discount.
Students paying before February 1st 2021 receive a 10% discount.
Groups receive a discount of 5% (2 people), 10% (3-5 people), 15% (6+).
Only one discount will apply. Discounts apply to course and registration fee, but do not apply to accommodation.

Designed and is delivered by Chris Roland, the author of UNDERSTANDING TEENAGERS IN THE ELT CLASSROOM, this course will systematically cover all aspects of teaching English to children at primary level, especially those between the ages of five and ten years old.

We will pay particular attention to the technical aspects of task design that make classroom management easier. Even more importantly, we shall look at how to tie language to whatever it is our children are doing, be it routines, songs, stories, transitions, games, worksheets, crafts or whole class question and answer rounds. Language is, after all, the reason both they and we are in the classroom together and we shall explore how to promote this across a massive range of very colourful activities – which you will then be able to take back to your own classes and which your students will enjoy. For each activity, we shall also go beyond its surface level and to draw out the underlying principles at work there. There will be hundreds of examples from my own classes.

This course is ideal for teachers who are new to young learner teaching, perhaps coming from a situation where they have been teaching mostly teens or adults. The course will also be perfect for experienced teachers of young learners looking for an influx of fresh ideas and inspiration or who want to take their primary teaching skill set to the next level. Minimum language level of B2-C1

After this course, you will:

  • be able to plan more effectively so that your activities work better
  • cover your core curriculum and coursebook content more effectively
  • be able to support your learners better when they encounter difficulties
  • be able to include a wider range of activity types in your lessons
  • be able to deliver lessons that are more enjoyable for your students
  • be able to personalise your lessons better
  • have a whole new set of classroom management strategies
  • have a deeper understanding of how young learner classes work
  • make better use of your classroom in terms of space and movement
  • be able to make fuller use of images, clips and classroom resources
  • be able to make your lessons more productive in terms of the language learnt and practised by your students.


* There is a registration fee of £80 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.


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