Basic English

August 2nd – August 13th 2021
18.5 hours a week (including visits)
12.5 classroom hours per week
6 hours of cultural tours with your teachers (a minimum of three visits)

Returning students receive a 10% discount.
Students paying before February 1st 2021 receive a 10% discount.
Groups receive a discount of 5% (2 people), 10% (3-5 people), and 15% (6+).
Only one discount will apply. Discounts apply to course and registration fee, but do not apply to accommodation.

This intensive English language course is aimed at adults – including staff involved in education – who want to gain enough language and confidence to have basic conversations in English. The course is designed for students with a low level of English (around A1-A2). For any students also involved in teaching, the course also shows a model of future teaching and learning of English.

As well as learning to do simple things such as order food and drink, say what they want/need to do and make simple requests, students will also learn to give and ask about basic opinions, likes and dislikes etc. People taking the course will also learn and practise their English through daily cultural activities and social activities with the teachers that happen outside the class. Most visits take place in the morning and classes are in the afternoon.

All participants will receive a very simple questionnaire before the course begins asking them to talk about themselves and check their level. The content and timetable can change depending on the students in the class but may cover areas such as:

  • introductions
  • work
  • family
  • opinions
  • travel and getting around
  • places to see
  • plans
  • meeting people
  • entertainment
  • sport and free time
  • my country
  • food & restaurants
  • experiences
  • education

After this course, participants will have more confidence in hearing and speaking English. They will be able to have very basic conversations about:

  • their work
  • their free time
  • their home and country
  • their opinions on a variety of things
  • the past, present and future

They will also have seen and got to know London and had opportunities to practise their English in real contexts.


* There is a registration fee of £80 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.


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