Krakow, Poland

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  1. Mija Selič says:

    I am glad to see your snapshots. I thought I was there myself, Saturday afternoon. Forgetting the city map at the hotel, I was strolling the streets I recalled from the map while wondering through the ‘Stare Miasto’ the day before. I got lost, of course. Believing I was in the old Jewish district I took some photos (one attached). I found my way back home by constant inqiring about the way to the Wisla. Today, I know a wee bit more!

    • Lexicallab says:

      Hi Mija –
      Yeah, that’s the main square in Kazimierz. I was all round that area on Sunday – and, indeed, on Thursday and Friday evening! Great ear to wander round and I much prefer it to the big main square with its horrendous drunk English stag parties!

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