UCLAN, Preston: February 25th

Hugh spent an afternoon talking about the roots of lexical approaches to teaching, core features of such approaches and classroom implications with a great group of BA and MA students from the excellent University of Central Lancashire in Preston, as well as a few external visitors. The photos were taken during a long walk back to the station on rainy late afternoon.

2 Responses

  1. Adam Simpson says:

    Shame you didn’t get a chance to photograph the marvel of ‘brutalist’ architecture that is Preston bus station. I’m all for protecting architectural gems, but I’ve always had mixed feelings about this beast of a building.

    • Lexicallab says:

      I did walk past it, Adam, on my way to the town’s only second-hand record store, Action Records, and tried to grab a photo, but there’s something about its sheer size and monumentalism that defies capture by a single iPhone lens! A truly oppressive structure.