English Boost

July 30th – August 10th 2018
48 hours (including visits)*

Do you feel your English has gone a bit rusty? Feel you don’t have enough confidence in your speaking? Well, English Boost is here for you. Aimed at students and teachers who are at B1 or B2 levels, our course includes 24 teaching hours a week and includes a range of tours and activities to keep you highly engaged and talking. You will also get better at different types of talk including chat, storytelling and short presentations.

Each course is unique because we offer you a list of topics to choose from before you arrive and work with you on the course to follow the class’s interests. We also select and use our own material rather than placing you in a class with students following a coursebook. This means that you are sure to meet a wide range of vocabulary and grammar. And, of course, we teach the language you are trying to say – and make sure you revise and learn it. For students and teachers at C1 and above we recommend ADVANCED LANGUAGE AND CULTURE.


*Teaching hours for all Lexical Lab courses are 55 minutes to account for breaks and changeover.

** There is a registration fee of £100 on top of all prices that covers all materials, admin and entrance fees for timetabled activities.



Turning student output into new input


Class walk along the Regent’s Canal